Rivals Of Wrath!




Sean Carson


Jay Horychun


Dan Chambers & Jeff Barker

Crossing a narrow bridge in the middle of nowhere The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers come face-to-face with their old school nemeses, The Cheating Maladini Brothers. No-one's backing down. It's a Stunt-Off!


Xan, Adi and Enx are driving to Moxow through Farmlands and they stop near Bridge.On horizon The Cheating Maladini Brothers are coming and stop near bridge too.Bot Adrenalini and Maladini go to each other and they stop in front of each other.A flashback shows stunt school and both Adrenalinis and Maladinis as young stuntmen Rivalizing but Maladinis cheated.A young sheperd is trying to stop them arguing and he is making them a challenge.Maladini brothers cheated and win.Enk tight the Maladini Stunt Bus on a Tree and they crashed.Later on they realized that they are going the wrong way because their maps were upside down so they met on a bridge... again.

Featured CharactersEdit

Sheperd (1)
Enk (2)
Xan (3)
Adi (4)
Sheperd 1 (13)
Sheperd 2 (14)
Sheperd 3 (15)
Sheperd 4 (16) Bad
Ban (5)
Idi (6)
Unk (7)
Bear (8)
Children (9)
Teacher (10)
Crowd (11)
Judges (12)

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