1. Saddles of Insanity

2. Guitars of Destiny

3. Fangs of Horror

4. Jungle of Ruin

5. Waves of Turmoil

6. Kilts of Uproar

7. Flames of Fury

8. Convicts of Shame

9. Claws of Malice

10. Cape of Majesty

11. Bellies of Belligerence

12. Peaks of Peril

13. Knights of Ineptitude

14. Wheels of Destruction

15. Hunchback of Heartbreak

16. Pirates of Greed

17. Sleighs of Hazard (Christmas Episode)

18. Chute of Death

19. Voices of Madness

20. Gondalas of Jealousy

21. Pyramids of Panic

22. Diapers of Despair

23. Lamps of Confusion

24. Dolphins of Doom

25. Factory of Malfunction

26. Biceps of Triumph

27. Kangaroos of Menace

28. Cruise of Disaster

29. Rollercoaster of Wreckage

30. Bears of Disruption

31. Hooves of Thunders

32. Actors of Infamy

33. Rockets of Rage

34. Oil of Avarice

35. Swords of Justice

36. Vikings of Romance

37. Flowers of Dread

38. Logs of Wars

39. Growls of Hunger

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