Here is a list of Episodes in The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

  1. Child of Danger!
  2. Camp of Calamity!
  3. Field of Frights!
  4. Crate of Expectations!
  5. Beans of Magnitude!
  6. Builders of Frenzy!
  7. Bones of Disbelief!
  8. Wings of Ambition!
  9. Ghosts of Intangibility!
  10. Lederhosen of Desire!
  11. Corporation of Carnage!
  12. City of Heroes!
  13. Leprechauns of Mischief!
  14. Barrels of Love!
  15. Catwalk of Outrage!
  16. Ladders of Courage!
  17. Jobs of Jeopardy!
  18. Mathematics of Misery!
  19. Tails of Longing!
  20. Mother of Mayhem!
  21. Razors of Allure!
  22. Vovage of Discovery!
  23. Dragon of Antagonism!
  24. Farm of Forgetfulness!
  25. Goalposts of Glory!
  26. Rapids of Revenge!
  27. Balloon of Lunacy!
  28. Sands of Thirst!
  29. Railroad of Misfortune!
  30. Gladiators of Bewilderment!
  31. Cavemen of Invention!
  32. Monsters of Immensity!
  33. Siesta of Spite!
  34. Clubs of Hope!
  35. Visitors of Vengeance!
  36. Island of Isolation!
  37. Heist of Absurdity!
  38. Mission of Impossibilty!
  39. Rivals of Wrath!
  40. Prehistoric

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